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Kick Your Selfie Game into Gear with Dental Implants

Kick Your Selfie Game into Gear with Dental Implants Feeling left out of the selfie trend due to damaged or missing teeth? Do you have missing, chipped, or damaged teeth that prevent you from smiling in pictures? Sick of being told to smile when that’s the last thing you want to show the world?

You are not alone.

Thousands of people have dental issues keeping them from living full happy lives. But the reality is that these issues can be easily and painlessly fixed with permanent dental implants. Dental implants can solve a myriad of problems, from replacing missing teeth to anchoring loose dentures.

So how does it work? The experts at Shine Dental Associates will fabricate a titanium post which is placed into the jaw, creating an anchor for the bone to grow around and attach to. We than create replacement teeth that look, feel, and function just like natural teeth. Once your implants are in place, your smile will be so bright and look so natural, they’ll have to take the selfie stick away from you.

All our implants are created in our on-site lab. This means that we not only control the quality of your dental implants, but can also create your implants quickly, usually the same day as your consultation.

While the thought of dental implants may seem scary, we at Shine Dental Associates work to take the fear and uncertainty out of dental implant surgery. We’ll work with you to evaluate your specific needs and create a custom treatment plan to address your dental issues. Contact us now to get started on the road to your new smile.


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