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Is Professional Teeth Whitening Really Worth It?

Is Professional Teeth Whitening Really Worth It?Head to the local pharmacy or big box store, and the odds are good you’ll see plenty of tooth whitening products. If you’re one of the millions who know the importance of a bright, white smile, you might even have a few of them in your bathroom already. And with good reason – a white smile can help increase confidence, self-esteem, and even have an impact on what others think about you.

Dental professionals offer teeth whitening as well, but with so many toothpastes, creams, and bleaches designed to help whiten teeth it can seem like professional whitening isn’t really worth bothering with. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Here at Shine Dental Group, we think it’s important that you understand just why professional whitening is different and why it deserves a closer look.

It all really comes down to how the whitening process is performed. With home whitening products, you’ll use the creams or pastes as directed on a regular basis. They contain a product similar to bleach, which gradually removes the stains on the teeth and helps to lighten the color.

With a professional treatment, however, things are different. We use a higher-strength paste, but also utilize a laser. This high intensity laser activates the paste, which then whitens teeth through the chemical process taking place under the light.

What that comes down to is that with a professional teeth whitening, you get much better results. Benefits include:

• Faster results – With store bought products it can take weeks or even months to get results. It takes only a single treatment to get results with a professional treatment.

• Better results – Those results are much more apparent, as well. Your teeth end up much whiter and much brighter than you’ll ever get them with a home product.

• Longer lasting – The whitening also lasts longer when you have it done professionally.

• Less Hassle – The biggest problem with whitening at home is that you have to follow directions closely and be careful not to miss a treatment. Missing one session can set your results back significantly. Professional whitening eliminates this problem completely.

Simply put, professional teeth whitening has numerous benefits and really is worth the money it can cost. Of course, many are surprised to find that the procedure isn’t as much as they had assumed it would be, making it even easier to decide that professional whitening is right for you.

If you’re ready for a brighter, whiter smile that people will take notice of, don’t hesitate to contact us today to set up your first visit. It’s an investment you won’t regret.


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