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How To Get Whiter Teeth: Foods You Should Avoid

a couple with white teethWhen you undergo a teeth whitening treatment it is advisable to take care in what you eat and drink to ensure your teeth stay whiter for longer. After a whitening treatment your teeth become more absorbent. Below are some of the foods you should stay away from after your procedure.

1. Cranberry Juice
Fruit juices that are darker in color such as grape or cranberry juice contain acids that can cause your teeth to become yellow. If you like to drink fruit juice it is suggested to stick to light colored juices such as apple. Eating apples are an excellent way to keep your teeth whiter as they are great at wiping stains from the surface of the teeth.

2. Blueberries
This wonderful superfood may be full of beneficial antioxidants but the skin of the fruit can cause major staining to the surface of your teeth. If you do eat them ensure that you wash your mouth out with water immediately after you have eaten.

3. Beetroot
The color present in a beetroot can even stain your skin when you touch them, in a juiced form the color of the beetroot is especially potent. It is advisable to stay away from beetroots for awhile after a whitening treatment or thoroughly brush your teeth within an hour of eating them. This will ensure that the beetroot does not have time to cause staining to your teeth.

4. Curry
The spices present in curry have a disadvantage of causing teeth to turn yellow, when you decide to eat curry ensure you rinse your mouth with water immediately after your meal.

Eat foods that help to retain a whiter smile such as cucumber, lemons and apples. A bright and white smile can help you to look years younger so you will want to keep the whiteness for as long as possible.

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