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How To Care For Your Dental Implants

How To Care For Your Dental ImplantsAt Shine Dental Associates, we realize that your dental implants are an investment that you want to protect so they last you for years to come. We also know that preventative and regular care are both essential to the long-term success of your implants. So it is important that you take care of them at home and continue visiting the dentist every 6 months just like you would with your natural teeth. However, there are occasional differences in the way dental implants are cleaned compared to the cleaning of your remaining natural teeth.

There are two primary differences where this is concerned. First of all, each implant (post) is attached to the gums and jawbone differently than what your natural teeth are and second, your implants are made from completely different materials. However, you should also care for your dental implants the same way that you do for your natural teeth. In other words, you’ll want to brush and floss after every meal as well as visit our office twice a year for routine check-ups and cleanings.

Once you have undergone a dental implant procedure, it is imperative to work with your dentist in order to ensure the success of the procedure. Keep in mind that even though cavities will never be an issue with your implants, they will still be affected by normal wear and tear in much the same way that your natural teeth are. In addition to this, there are certain aftercare issues to be aware of once the procedure is completed.

After your surgery, the dentist will provide you with a list of instructions to follow so that the area where your implant is placed is not disturbed for up to 48 hours. For instance, you want to avoid rinsing or spitting during this time and by all means, DO NOT TOUCH your mouth as contamination or irritation could result from this. Your dentist may also prescribe a mild sedative in order to help you cope with any pain or discomfort that arises once the anesthetic has worn off.

The dentists and staff members at Shine Dental Associates want your implant experience to be as pleasant as possible. Not only will your dental implants feel and look like your natural teeth, they will function just like them as well. Most importantly, your smile will be restored with the implants you receive. If you have been considering dental implants, don’t put it off any longer. Call us and schedule an appointment with one of our dentists so that we can start restoring your smile today.


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