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How Much Will My Dental Implants Cost?

How Much Will My Dental Implants Cost?If you have recently had your teeth examined at Shine Dental Associates of the North Shore and we determined that you were a candidate for dental implants, you probably have a lot of questions about the procedure. One of the most common questions we answer is “How much will my dental implants cost?” The answer to that depends on the different factors that may be involved in the equation. Typically, there are three primary factors that are considered:

Additional procedures required – in some cases, a patient will need additional procedures so that their dental implants will be accommodated properly. The most common ones that are performed prior to the placement of the implants are bone grafts and extractions as follows:

Bone grafting is required when there is not enough jawbone mass for anchoring the implant post. Not only does this add to the cost of the procedure, it also adds to the length of time involved to fully complete the procedure as this is performed up to 6 months in advance of getting your implant posts. It also ensures the growth of healthier, newer bone.

Extractions of infected or “dead” teeth become necessary when decay has compromised them or periodontal disease has caused them to become loose in their sockets. The dental implant procedure cannot be performed until these teeth have been extracted.

Number of implant abutments (posts) required – the implant post used in the procedure replaces the root of the missing tooth. When you are replacing a single tooth, only a single post will be required. However, you will need multiple implant posts when replacing two or more teeth in your procedure. The posts serve as the anchors for different dental prosthetics including bridges, crowns, and denture plates. Basically, the more implants that are required, the higher the cost of the procedure will be.

Quality and type of restoration – the attachment of the crown or artificial tooth to the implant post is normally the final step in the procedure. This is known as the “restoration” and is the visible portion of the dental implant that people will see when you smile. In most cases, the cost is partially determined by the number of implants that are placed. However, the type of materials used, such as high performance acrylics or porcelains) will affect the overall cost.

If you have additional questions or need more information about your dental implant procedure, please contact Shine Dental Associates and speak with one of our staff members.


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