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How Do I Care For My Teeth After Having Them Whitened?

How Do I Care For My Teeth After Having Them Whitened?Teeth whitening is one of the most affordable and popular cosmetic dentistry procedures available today. Although it is not recommended for everyone, it can temporarily restore the brightness to one’s smile that has been lost due to darkening, staining, or yellowing. As we explain to our patients here at Shine Dental Associates of Long Island, your newly whitened teeth are susceptible to staining once the procedure has been completed. By adjusting your drinking and eating habits, you can easily maintain your teeth’s new luster.

There are specific beverages and foods that you want to avoid once you have undergone a teeth whitening procedure. You should also limit those that may cause discomfort as there is a certain degree of sensitivity that patients often experience after having their teeth whitened:

Acidic foods – your teeth could be sensitive to certain beverages and foods after whitening. Citrus fruits, pickles, and some soft drinks can increase the level of acid in your saliva, which in turn can damage newly whitened teeth.

Cold beverages and foods – it is possible that your teeth will be sensitive to cold drinks and foods for up to 48 hours after having them whitened. Frozen desserts such as ice cream and yogurt as well as ice water should be avoided during this time. We recommend that you do not eat cold foods right out of the refrigerator. Wait until they are closer to room temp first.

Dark-colored beverages – in addition to avoiding cold drinks after the whitening procedure is completed, you should also take care to avoid certain dark-colored beverages as well. Avoid drinking certain beverages such as coffee, dark-colored soft drinks, tea, and red wine for several days. Additionally, darker colored juices such as cranberry, grape, and tomato can also stain freshly whitened teeth.

Foods that normally stain teeth – there are several foods and their ingredients that need to be avoided when you have your teeth professionally whitened at Shine Dental Associates. Those foods that normally stain teeth include beets, blueberries, dark chocolate, dark marinades, dark soups, soy sauce, stews, and tomato sauces. Certain cuisines such as Indian or Spanish can also stain your teeth. So hold off on those for several days.

Professional teeth whitening is still one of the most economical methods for restoring your smile back to its natural brightness. Having a brighter smile will give others the impression that you are happier, healthier, and more youthful. We would like to evaluate your smile and determine if teeth whitening is right for you. Please contact Shine Dental Associates of the North Shore and schedule an exam and evaluation appointment today.


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