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How Can Mini Dental Implants Stabilize Your Dentures?

Mini dental implants have revolutionized the denture industry. In fact, no denture adhesives on the market can compare to the stability provided by a mini dental implant. When properly installed, the implants assist your patients in their ability to eat, talk and laugh with confidence and comfort. In fact, implants are an ideal solution for your denture-wearing patients for a variety of reasons that include:

•    Stability issues
•    Minimal jawbone structure
•    Patients seeking a more affordable option in dental implants

How Do MDI’s Work?

The inner workings of mini dental implants are actually simple. It offers stabilization because the metal housing of the implant fits perfectly into the base of the patient’s denture. The rubber O-ring, positioned inside the metal housing, requires only a simple snap of the denture to lock it into place automatically. It is effective because the mini dental implant, fabricated out of titanium alloy, is rooted and secured into the patient’s jawbone. The implants serve as the stabilizer for the lower denture.

The Procedure

The in-office dental procedure to install the mini dental implant often requires local anesthesia. Usually, the entire procedure requires two hours during a single appointment. Using a controlled precise technique, the small dental implant is inserted into your patient’s jawbone. The top of the implant protrudes out of the gum tissue to provide a secure and adequate anchor to hold and stabilize your patient’s dentures.

The implants design stabilizes the denture so they perform like natural teeth. In fact, dentures stabilized with dental implants provide comfortable mobility for a variety of natural functions including laughing, talking and eating.

There is only minimal healing involved after the placement of the dental implants. This is because the procedure is minimally invasive. After a few days following the procedure, you can enjoy the new stability provided to their dentures, and avoid messy denture creams and adhesives.

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