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Facts And Fiction On Oral Health

Facts And Fiction On Oral HealthAlthough our society is becoming highly focused in health and fitness, including staying in shape, eating well, and ensuring a long and comfortable lifespan, oral health concerns are still one of the most commonly neglected facets of well being. There are several reasons as to why this occurs, but none of them are truly acceptable for living optimally.

Fiction #1 – Brushing And Flossing Are Good Enough

While brushing and flossing twice a day on a regular basis will help to improve oral health and cut down on the potential for cavities and gingivitis, it is not the sole means of ensuring proper dental care. Many people, while brushing regularly, do not brush properly, and the same applies to flossing. As well, there are also ideas that rinses and gum can take the place of proper oral care and this adds to problems for a health mouth.

Fiction # 2 – Oral Health Only Affects My Teeth

A great number of people are under the assumption that dental health is specific to the well being of the teeth and gums, and that this is somehow isolated from the function of the rest of the body. This common misconception is off on a number of levels as good oral hygiene impact the entire physical structure and also a person’s emotional well being. Harmful bacteria which proliferate in the mouth not only cause cavities and gum disease, but can also alter digestive processes, lead to heart disease, and even exacerbate inflammatory conditions such as arthritis. Further, the appearance of an individual’s teeth and smile can have far reaching consequences when it comes to self image and self-esteem.

Fiction # 3 – Dental Services Are Too Expensive For My Budget

One of the primary reasons that many people will try to tend to their dental care without regular checkups is because they perceive the expense of a dental visit to be beyond their means. Further, there is often a concern that if a major procedure is necessary, then they will be forced to address it even without the appropriate funding.

You will find that we not only accept most insurance plans, but that we also offer financing options that can suit your needs. Our experienced staff will consult with you about both procedures and billing, and work out a method that can fit your lifestyle. This will also mean that Shine Dental Group can assure that good oral health, and thus good overall health, can also be a part of your way of life.


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