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Easing Dental Anxiety Before an Appointment

Easing Dental Anxiety Before an AppointmentMany people feel anxious or nervous before their dental appointments, and sometimes, for that reason, we may put off a much-needed appointment because we don’t know what to expect. It is important to find ways to help ease any dental anxiety, so we can get the regular and proper dental care we need for a healthy and bright smile.


The Cause of Dental Anxiety


Statistically, between 9% and 20% of Americans will avoid the dentist because of the fear and anxiety. A few common reasons include the fear of pain they may experience while at the dentist. For example, during a routine exam or treatment.

Another common cause for anxiety is being afraid that the injections for the anesthetic won’t work or you may even fear the needles themselves. Some may also find that they worry about whether or not the injections will work at all to numb their mouth.

Finally, one of the biggest reasons for dental anxiety is the loss of control some may feel while they are at the dentist. They are not really aware of what is going on. All they can do is sit there with their mouth wide open and wait for it to be over.


How Do You Know You Are Feeling Anxious?


It is the night before your dental appointment, are you able to sleep or are you wide awake? Have you been crying or feel physically sick because of the upcoming appointment? Maybe you just feel an overwhelming sense of uneasiness and worry.

If you experience any of those symptoms, then you may be suffering from dental anxiety. However, do not lose hope. There are a few ways you can get over this fear before your next appointment.


Calming Your Nerves


Before your appointment, don’t be afraid to let your dentist know that you are afraid or you are anxious. If they are privy to this information, they can take additional steps to ensure you are comfortable to help you reduce your level of anxiety.

If it is the loss of control you are most nervous about, then your dentist will be happy to explain each and every step as it is done to help ease your mind. This will give you the opportunity to prepare yourself for what they said will happen next.

If you still find that you have questions you need answered or fears that need to be addressed, do not be afraid to consult with a dentist near you. They can quickly and easily ease your mind and make sure you get the care and treatment you need to maintain your healthy smile.


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