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Diabetics Need Extra Dental Care

Diabetics Need Extra Dental CarePeople with diabetes need to exercise much more self-care when it comes to everyday activities. Even though diabetes is primarily regarded as a disorder of the blood and metabolism, it has far ranging effects for a person beyond just watching a diet more carefully. Diabetes can affect the most unlikely things, such as greater risk of foot injuries and, in terms of general dentistry in Long Island, it can also have an effect on a person’s mouth and oral health. But how? And why?


Poor Control=Poor Oral Health


The good news is that for people who are diligent about taking care of their diabetic disorder, this can often translate into not having any additional dental concerns. But professionals that practice general dentistry in Long Island have also seen the effects of poor diabetic control and maintenance.

Diabetes increases the risk of periodontitis, or gum disease in diabetic patients. There are two primary reasons for this. One is that poor diabetic control can lead to an increase in sugar in body, which is a basic “fuel” of bacteria in the mouth, thus giving them more resources to reproduce and eventually turn into gingivitis, or the more serious periodontitis.

Another reason for the increased risk is that a diabetic complication that affects some people is a thickening of blood vessels. If this happens in the mouth, this slows down both the delivery of nutrients to the mouth, as well as the removal of waste. Too much accumulation can eventually result in the creation of gum disease that will then need to be treated.

This is why, if you or someone in your family has diabetes, regular visits to professionals in general dentistry in Long Island are essential. By taking good care of the diabetes, ensuring diligent tooth brushing and flossing habits, and check-ups with a professional who knows about the diabetes, this goes a long way towards preventing harmful gum disease.


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