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Dental Implants Or Dentures – Which Is Right For You?

dental implantsAging comes with several dental issues such as increased risk of teeth falling out. This can be caused by a number of factors which includes periodontal health problems.

Replacement of the fallen teeth for purposes of comfort, appearance, and function can be done in two ways: dental implants or dentures which may either be partial or full. Even though both options deal with the problem of missing teeth, there are significant differences you need to be aware of.

When choosing between the two options, it is a good idea to consider things like comfort, appearance, cost, longevity, durability, etc. Interestingly enough, 70 percent of prospective patients prefer dentures when they have a large number of teeth missing.

In most cases, the major factor considered when choosing between dental implants or dentures is the cost and manufacturing time. In fact, there are two advantages associated with dentures which in turn are the primary negatives of getting dental implants.

However, in most cases, there are mostly the only the only advantages of getting dentures. Dental implants are usually more expensive as it takes longer to manufacture and they are also durable, comfortable and will last a lifetime in many cases.

At Shine Dental Associates, we have heard many patients say that the cost and the time it takes to manufacture dental implants is really worth it even if the process takes several months. This is because they have come to know how the effective dental implants are.

After the procedure is completed, eating and talking will become easy as it used to be before. Most importantly, you will have to get used to something that has been missing in your life and that is smiling.

Although getting dental implants may be more expensive than dentures, require oral surgery and take longer to complete the whole process, it is usually the better option. It is a long-term solution to missing teeth and will make it comfortable for you to eat food and talk normally.

If you weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the two options, you will come to realize that dental implants can provide a more natural and longer lasting solution than dentures.

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If you want to know more about these two dental options, contact us today and we will give you more information. Knowing more about the two options will help you make an informed decision when it comes to choosing an option to fill your missing teeth.


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