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Dental Implant Financing

dental implantDental implants are important in helping you to restore your self-confidence and ensure the overall good health of your teeth, but these procedures can be expensive to our patients. With financing, you can get the dental implants you need without worrying about paying for the entire procedure up front, allowing you peace of mind that you can take care of your mouth in an affordable and convenient fashion!

At Shine Dental Associates, we provide 0% financing that allows you to pay for your dental implants in a way that works for you, and you never need to worry about overpaying for services that help to keep your teeth healthy and functioning as they should. We believe that the decision to have a dental implant procedure should not be dictated by cost, as these procedures help a great deal in terms of overall oral health.

Not only does a dental implant help to keep your smile looking great, it can also help to fight against the bone deterioration often caused by missing teeth. A natural tooth has roots that anchor it firmly to the jawbone, allowing the teeth to remain stable and strong for years of use. When the tooth and root is removed or lost, however, this portion of bone no longer serves a purpose, and it will begin to deteriorate gradually over time. A dental implant gives this portion of bone its purpose back, as it will now be used to hold the new titanium post root in place, and this will stop the bone deterioration from occurring or worsening. Dental implants can be used in one or many teeth, and the decision to have a dental implant procedure is one that can ultimately save a person’s other teeth from being lost.

Due to the importance of dental implants, our financing options at Shine Dental Associates should always be considered if you are worried about the cost of your procedure. While the placing of these implants may seem expensive to some, these financing options can help to lessen the load and make paying for an implant far more feasible to any person’s budget. If you are considering a dental implant procedure, but are worried about the costs involved, contact us today to learn more about our financing options!


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