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Dental Health for Heart Health

Dental Health for Heart HealthWe all know someone who proudly boasts that they have never had a cavity and they rarely brush their teeth. And they never floss! We’re left to wonder why we even bother flossing after every meal, using various mouth rinses, and buying expensive spin-brushes to get the job done. The truth is, a lack of cavities is lucky, but people who don’t brush their teeth or floss can end up with a host of other problems, such as gum disease, which can end up putting their heart health in jeopardy. Taking time to care for your teeth is as important to your health as getting enough sleep, excising, and eating well.

Heart Health

Studies show that there is a link between heart disease and poor dental hygiene. This does not mean that everyone who neglects a toothbrush will have a heart attack, nor does it mean that everyone who brushes faithfully is totally in the clear. But regular flossing, brushing, and preventative dental care can keep you healthier that you think. Researchers have found that high levels of bacteria in the mouth can be as good as cholesterol level for predicting the chance of heart disease and even stroke. Though it’s still too early to tell exactly how dental hygiene and heart disease are related, we do know that taking care of your smile is one more step in the fight against the disease.

Keep Brushing

Though it is tempting to miss a brushing session or two when your teeth are in good condition, it’s not wise. With a variety of toothpastes out there, you’re bound to find one that does its job and has a pleasant taste. The choices for a toothbrush are endless, so pick one that feels good on your teeth and comfortable in your hand. As for flossing, we’ve come a long way from the thick, green, minty wax floss that our parents used. Floss sticks are a good alternative as they are foolproof and easy to use. There are even different mouth rinses and washes on the market, some for before you brush and some for after, but don’t rely solely on these for your hygiene health. They are good additions, but you still have to brush and floss.

See the Dentist

The final thing that you can do to keep your mouth healthy is to find a good dentist and meet with them regularly. A full cleaning gives your dentist the opportunity to spot any changes in your teeth and gums and treatment can begin right away to keep the issue under control. At Shine Dental, we welcome new patients and we care about your smile and your health as much as you do. We have a state-of-the-art facility and a friendly staff so that you’ll feel at ease the minute you walk in the door. We offer a full array of services beyond general dentistry and we can help you with any dental problem that you might face.


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