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Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures To Improve Your Smile

Improve The Aesthetic Value And Health Of Your Teeth With Cosmetic DentistryThere’s only one chance to make a first impression. Making it a good memorable experience means being prepared. Get a straight and white smile to receive instant approval from strangers and friends alike.

It turns out that symmetry in facial features and a healthy straight smile are how people evaluate you upon first meeting. Everyone’s teeth are put through a lot in the day to day. From chewing and deterioration to damage from minor to major misalignment, teeth go through a lot over the course of a lifetime. Such damages can have a negative impact on the smile.

Cosmetic dentistry at Shine Dental Associates in Syosset provides an answer to create an improvement in how a smile appears. It is a great investment to make and may also provide functional improvements as well.

Cosmetic dentistry enhances the look of the mouth and often times its operation as well. Find a certified dentist who has been thoroughly trained in they ways of cosmetic dentistry. Ensure that they have been performing procedures for a long time and with great success.

The use of long-time go-to procedures may improve the smile without much other help. Through the use of dental implants, alignment, and crowns, the teeth can be made to look more uniform and function better. Custom enhancements give the look of both straighter and whiter teeth for a more uniform and appealing smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry Strategies

There are many ways to improve smiles for people wanting a better smile. Cosmetic dentistry works to make the look of the teeth more appealing while ensuring that the teeth are straight too. Taking the time to learn about the many techniques helps people decide what procedures they may need and what is involved.


Many people opt for porcelain veneers. They are overlays that get adhered to the teeth. The best cosmetic dentists are good at matching the shade of the veneer to the individual’s teeth. It’s something of an art to do that and get the shape and size right too.

This all improves the appearance of the smile as well. They can be applied over all the teeth or just one. Sometimes teeth will become discolored from fluoride treatments or from other problems. When this happens it may affect only one tooth. It’s the perfect time to get a veneer. Easy and a fairly priced solution to fix an otherwise beautiful smile.

It is important to ask the cosmetic dentist about the length of time that a veneer can last. They may need to be replaced later on in time. The results can be long lasting, which is good because the procedure can become costly.

Again, they can be used to hide severely stained teeth. They will also work to fill in over small gaps in the smile too. Though, it is important to start with a consultation with a cosmetic dentist to determine what options are available.


In many cases, the damage to teeth and gums may call for pulling of teeth. This causes problems with the visual appeal of the smile because there are now gaps. It also may make it hard to eat or talk too. Most people feel embarrassment if they have to walk around with gaps because they have had to part with teeth. Cosmetic dentistry uses dental implants or prosthetic teeth to fill the gaps while making it possible to eat.

The consultation involves a detailed look at the gums and bone because the implants will have to be secured in place to the bone. There needs to be sufficient bone that is strong enough to anchor dental implants to it. The consultation involves taking a mold of the mouth too. This will ensure that the right sized implants are put into place. While they are costly, if well done, they should last for life.

Bridges and Crowns

Big gaps and tooth loss may also be covered with partial sections of teeth, called crowns and bridges. They are affordable and make a smile look great. Chips in teeth may be helped from bridges or crowns. They last from 10 to 15 years.

Teeth Bleaching

Getting a whiter smile is also a popular reason for visiting a cosmetic dentist. Often, some of the above repairs are combined with teeth bleaching to make a completely restored and great looking smile. Many things can cause teeth to become discolored. Coffee drinking, red wine drinking, and smoking are just some ways that teeth can become discolored. Even some medications are linked to staining of teeth.

If brushing and store-bought tooth bleaching products are not working, contact a cosmetic dentist for professional bleaching. There are times when the staining is extensive enough to require the addition of lightening of the teeth.

There are always new processes to improving the smile that are being developed. Find out if one of the above procedures can benefit your smile by making an appointment with a cosmetic dentist.


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