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Contact Your Periodontist To Straighten Crooked Teeth With Invisalign

Contact Your Periodontist To Straighten Crooked Teeth With InvisalignStraight teeth are beneficial in a variety of different ways. A misaligned bite can make it painful to chew or talk, and crooked teeth can become broken by other ones, which can lead to cuts or lacerations on the cheeks or gums. People suffering from crowding of the teeth often find it difficult to floss. There is just no room for the material to slide between teeth, and plaque and tartar build up in these areas, which cause cavities to form. If the location is invisible to the naked eye, like on the back of a tooth, it may go left unchecked for a substantial amount of time, and extensive damage can occur to not only the problematic tooth but also to others in the same vicinity.

One of the main reasons that patients neglect straightening their teeth is because of the unappealing appearance associated with traditional metal braces. People can be cruel, and we have all heard the unbecoming names given to braces wearers over the years. Fortunately, there is now a suitable alternative to the braces of yesteryear, and the Invisalign system is an ideal solution for people to straighten their teeth with that are concerned about aesthetic appeal.

Things To Expect

The periodontist will make removable trays specifically for your teeth, and your teeth alone, that you will wear for an amount of time as determined appropriate by the dentist. The clear coloring keeps them inconspicuous and hidden, but they can also be taken out to eat or drink. There is not a specific amount of time allotted for wearing the trays because each mouth is unique and different, but the transition is usually quicker than with traditional braces and requires less time in the dental chair.

As you switch between trays, minor discomfort may become apparent, and this is typical of the straightening process. However, if strong, continual and lasting pain persists, talk to your periodontist about it to ensure that no other problems exist. These are not the braces that parents remember from their childhood, and Invisalign straightens, without hindering your appearance, so there has never been a better time fix your misaligned bite than now.


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