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Answers To Some Common Questions About Sedation Dentistry

Are You A Candidate For Sedation Dentistry?Sedation dentistry or conscious sedation as it is commonly called makes use of pharmacological sedative agents to calm and relax a patient before a dental procedure and during it, too. These agents work on the central nervous system as a depressant as well as the functions that are associated with conscious awareness.

This type of dentistry is a benefit to people who truly fear the dentist or have phobias about dentists. Children are ideal patients for this type of dentistry. Patients who have never tried this type of dentistry will usually have questions about it. At Shine Dental Associates, the following questions are some of the most commonly asked about sedation dentistry in our Syosset office.

How many patients have dental anxieties and phobias? About 10 million Americans are suffering with fears and anxieties about visiting a dentist. It is our best guess that about 40 or 50 percent of our patients have some degree of anxiety or phobia about seeing the dentist.

What are dental phobias and their causes? Dental phobias are just like any other phobias and are classified as being irrational and disproportionate fears that make a person go out of their way to avoid the thing they fear. When it comes to a dental phobia, it is often caused by a bad experience or just the fear of the instruments that are used. Those with dental phobias are scared just to get regular check-ups.

What types of sedation can a patient receive? A patient can get three types including nitrous oxide, oral sedation and a combination of sedation using painkillers and sedatives to create a sleep state.

We give patients a conscious sedation that makes use of nitrous oxide and inhaled oxygen. Patients get a deep sedative effect so that they are less anxious and much more relaxed about the procedure. This is safe and very effective.

Does a person still need local anesthesia when oral sedation is used? While the patient may be more relaxed during conscious sedation, the administration of a local anesthetic might still be needed. This is because the person can still sense some pain even though they are consciously sedated.

We want for all of our patients to have the most pleasant experience that we can provide them with whenever they visit our dental office. This is why we make use of sedation dentistry along with the many other dental services we offer. If you have any fears, phobias or anxiousness about visiting the dentist, call us. We can provide you with more details about sedation dentistry and the benefits if provides for a more pleasant dental experience.


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