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Checkups Matter, So Visit A Syosset Family Dentist Today

Checkups Matter, So Visit A Syosset Family Dentist TodayChildren, adults, students, professionals, and everyone else in-between can benefit from utilizing the services of a reputable, professional family dentist. Unfortunately, finding the right dental practice is sometimes easier said than done, even right here in Syosset, so the head of household must do their homework to locate a trustworthy organization that meets the needs of young and mature family members alike. So, give our office a call for a free consultation and discover what sets our organization apart from the rest for yourself.

Brushing and flossing play a vital role in keeping decay, harmful bacteria, and even bad breath at bay.
While these hygiene habits prevent gunk and grime from building up between teeth, the actions are not always enough to stop cavities from developing. So, consider scheduling a checkup with your family dentist to discover issues early. This act allows the team to use tooth-colored fillings, crowns, or other minimally invasive procedures to fix the dilemma. It is not in a person’s best interest to wait on seeking assistance. The problem will only continue to get worse, and it will likely require a more expensive, time-consuming solution such as a root canal, extraction, or dental implant.


3 Types Of Cavities


1. Smooth Surface

These cavities slowly decay a tooth’s surface enamel, and they occur on the smooth sides of teeth, hence the name smooth surface cavity. It is not uncommon to notice white spots or blemishes on pearly whites thanks to bacteria dissolving the enamel’s calcium. However, because the corrosion happens at such a slow-pace, the damage is also usually simple to reverse.

2. Pit And Fissure

The deep grooved portion on a tooth’s chewing surface is considered the pit and fissure section. These grooves can become located on both molars and premolars towards the back of the mouth. They are vital for eating, but the channels make brushing difficult and serve as the perfect place for bacteria to collect. When detected early, it is possible for fluoride toothpaste to correct pit and fissure cavities, but as the issue worsens, more extensive repair methods like fillings or crowns will be needed.

3. Root

Older adults commonly obtain this type of cavity because they are more likely to have receding gums or gum diseases, which leave the tooth root exposed with no enamel for protection. If a family dentist catches the decay in its early stages, they typically remove the harmful substance and apply a repair such as a filling or crown. However, if the damage reaches the pulp, the doctor will probably advise you to get a root canal treatment.


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