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What Are the Benefits of Having 3D CT Scans Before Getting Dental Implants?

ct scan review
Dr. Vikas Mittle reviews a CT scan

If you are getting dental implants made, then your dentist will want to make sure that the implants will fit you properly. If your jaw is too thin or does not have enough bone density then the implant will not secure into the jaw, so it is important that you get the implants fitted well.

Dental CT Scans are used to produce three dimensional images of your teeth, as well as soft tissues, bone and nerves all in one scan. These scans are far more detailed than a regular dental x-ray so allow for better implants to be fitted. The technology gives the dentist a clear idea of the layout and health of your teeth. It can detect tumors and measure them, and it allows for accurate placement of implants, since it shows the dentist your bone structure and the way all of the teeth in your mouth are orientated. It means that they have an exact layout of all of your teeth, rather than having to guess by performing visual measurements or extrapolating from a 2D x-ray.

Some people are nervous about getting a CT scan because it is still a form of X-Ray, but it is only recommended when it is medically necessary and it provides up to two hundred 2D images, which can be combined into a 3D image, while still keeping the amount of radiation exposure to a minimum. A full mouth scan can be done in 20 to 40 seconds, while a scan of just a portion of your mouth can be done in less than ten seconds. It is a non-invasive procedure, and it can be done as an outpatient appointment so you can do it without having to take a full day off work.

Since CT scans can image both bone and soft tissue, it means that your dentist can get all of the information they need in just one scan. If an adult needs dental implants to allow them to speak normally or chew food properly, then having a CT scan performed will ensure that they get implants that fit them well and that are safe and comfortable. Getting implants fitted can involve multiple trips to the dentist and surgery to secure the implant into the jaw, so knowing for sure whether the implant may need a bone graft done first is a huge benefit and could make the surgery go more smoothly.

Shine Dental Associates offer free 3D CT scans during your free consultation. Call today to find out whether dental implants are right for you.


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