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Avoiding Pain During Dental Implant Surgery

Avoiding Pain During Dental Implant SurgeryAt Shine, we know how scary it can be for our Long Island area patients facing a dental implant surgery. Just the word “surgery” often strikes fear into the hearts of many of our patients, as they immediately think thoughts of pain, downtime, and possible adverse reactions to different medications, but these are things that don’t really need to be worried about when it comes to getting a dental implant. Dental implant surgery is actually a very simple procedure, and one that you can be awake or sedated for if you so choose, and the best way to calm these fears is to learn a little about what having a dental implant entails.

First and foremost, the pain factor is what will typically intimidate our patients, but we want our patients to know that our dentists make sure that no pain is felt throughout the entire course of your dental implant procedure. Through sedation or numbing medications, the entire area of your mouth to receive the surgery is sufficiently numbed to ensure your pain receptors won’t be able to tell your brain that pain is being felt, so you’ll be able to sit in the chair comfortably as your dentist does his or her work. This numbing sensation will last for a small period of time after the procedure is complete, so your gum and jaw bone area will have sufficient time to calm itself before the medication wears off, leaving you with little to no discomfort after the surgery is complete. If you do happen to feel any discomfort, however, this can be easily taken care of with a simple over the counter pain medication such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen.

Since this is a surgery you can be awake for, you also won’t need to worry about the effects of general anesthesia or finding someone to take you to or from our dental office. After your implant procedure, you’ll be left clear headed and ready to take yourself home, or even back to work, as your numbness sensation wears off gradually over the course of time.

Because there is no time needed to recover from general anesthesia, and any potential discomfort can be handled with a simple over the counter pain medication, there is no downtime associated with a dental implant surgery. After you leave our office at Shine, you can go right back to going about your day!

Dental implant surgery isn’t something to be feared, and it is no more painful or complicated than a typical root canal procedure. With the help of our dentists at Shine, we can make your implant process one that you’ll be happy you went through!


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