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Always Be Honest When It Comes To Anesthesia

Always Be Honest When It Comes To AnesthesiaFor some people who visit a cosmetic dentist in Long Island, there may be some concern about experiencing pain during a significant dental procedure, such as finally getting dental implants to avoid less comfortable alternatives.

Fortunately, dental patients these days have many options for avoiding an uncomfortable experience, including the use of both local and general anesthetics. They may operate in different ways, but the goal of an anesthetic is to affect the nervous system of the patient, so as to avoid going through the pain that some dental surgery may involve.

This is why, if you choose to go with anesthetic when you see a cosmetic dentist in Long Island, honesty about medications is so important.

Interaction Is Always A Possibility

There is a very specific type of chemical activity known as an “interaction.” This simply means that some sub-stances or compounds, when they come into contact with other compounds, may combine with each other, and create a new result, with new, potential effects on the person. This, for example, is why people who use pain-killers for minor issues like headaches, will see on the label that alcohol should not be consumed at the same time as certain types of painkillers are taken. Opioids, when mixed with alcohol, can slow down breathing and even lead to death.

The same is true when visiting a cosmetic dentist in Long Island and choosing to have an IV, nitrous oxide, or other sedative administered. Depending on the choice of sedation you go with, different substances included in medication, alcohol, or other drugs such marijuana, can interact with the sedative in different ways, even interfering with breathing or the heart rate.

This is why it is very important to be completely honest with your dentist about what medications you may currently be taking to ensure that there are no dangerous interactions. Don’t mix your sedative with another sub-stance!


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