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A Few Foods That Can Help Whiten Your Teeth

A Few Foods That Can Help Whiten Your TeethYou brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day and you see your dentist for regular cleanings, but did you know there are also benefits for your teeth when making sure you are getting the proper nutrition?

When we think about proper nutrition, we are talking about making sure that you eat a well-balanced diet to keep you at optimal health. If you are starving yourself of the nutrients your body needs, then you may also be playing havoc on your mouth and your teeth.


How Does Nutrition Affect Oral Health


If you follow a poor diet and consume foods and drinks that are harmful or not good for you like foods high in carbohydrates, products packed with sugar, and even starches can ultimately cause both gum disease and tooth decay.

Keep in mind that almost every food we consume contains some level of sugar. It is determining which of these foods are good for us and which we should avoid that will determine our oral health and wellness.


Foods That Are Good For Your Teeth

The following are a few foods that are actually good for the health of your body and your mouth:

  • Yogurt: this food is high in both calcium and protein which can benefit your teeth by strengthening them. The probiotics in the yogurt also help with any bacteria that may be present in the mouth. The bad bacteria can cause cavities.
  • Leafy Greens: kale and spinach are ideal for health because they are low in calories and full of the vitamins and minerals we desperately need. The calcium aids in building the enamel on our teeth.
  • Carrots: raw carrots can actually help the mouth produce more saliva. This is good if you find that you suffer from dry mouth. They also contain a good supply of Vitamin A.
  • Almonds: this food is also a good source of calcium and protein and have a very low sugar content. You can even add them to your leafy greens or yogurt to reap all of their advantages.

In addition to following a more nutritious diet, you will also want to visit your dental hygienist at least twice per year for a cleaning.

A dental hygienist will also be able to offer you additional advice when it comes to brushing, flossing, and maintaining a healthy smile.


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