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A Basic Introduction To Partial Dentures

DenturesPartial dentures refer to dental bridges that can be used by people that have only lost a small number of teeth due to jaw related injuries, malnutrition, or tooth decay. Gaps being left in the teeth can easily lead to bacteria growing within the empty spaces. In that scenario, many dentists prefer to use partial dentures to fill everything in. Not only does it improve the appearance of your smile, it can also help prevent gum and tooth decay. You’ll also be able to speak and eat more comfortably thanks to the prevention of caved in lips and cheeks.

Partial dentures generally come in several different forms, and their usage will differ from person to person. The same goes for any dentures, really. To establish which type you might need, you’re going to need to set an appointment with Shine Dental Associates. Don’t forget to ask about partial dentures in particularly however if you’re only missing a small number of teeth overall.

One form of partial dentures leaves them free to remove if you wish. They fit over your remaining teeth and can be taken off quite easily. Of course, there will be custom made false teeth that fill the gaps your missing teeth have left. They can either be designed as a bridge that runs along the roof of the mouth, or fitted to the back of the teeth. Any tooth you’d normally use for chewing will often be replaced with the latter method.

Partial dentures can also be permanent. In this case, the permanent solution involves false teeth that attach to the remaining teeth directly. This is generally done with a plastic or metal clasp that fits quite snugly against them. They are also usually grated to the jaw bone. The surgery is somewhat complicated, as it requires drilling a hole in the gums to access the underlying bone. You may have heard the same procedure referred to as a “tooth implant”. Even dentists admit that the procedure takes quite a bit of effort. Of course, this equates to them charging quite a bit for it. You should also be aware that implants of this nature requires quite a long recovery time. Once that’s all done however, the end result is amazingly sturdy, much more so than mere false teeth.

No matter which path you take, you’re going to need to start taking better care of your teeth to keep everything remain intact from then on. That includes regular flossing between the teeth, brushing your tongue, and brushing your gums as well. You should do this for the gums that cover up the dentures as well. All of this will help the build up of plaque and gum disease.


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