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The Benefits of Periodontal Cleaning and Treatment

When your teeth have collected tartar, bacteria, and other debris, these substances can also make their way under your gum line and this can lead

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Recognizing Gum Disease

The average person’s mouth is full of bacteria, and these bacteria allow the mouth to form plaque, and if you are not brushing and flossing,

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Take Control Of Your Smile

People will sometimes say that trying to get a perfect smile is about nothing but vanity, and past a certain point they’re right. Crooked teeth

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4 Things A Dental Hygienist Can Do That You Can’t Do At Home

It’s important to keep your teeth clean if you want them to stick around for as long as possible. That means brushing and flossing every

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Primary Teeth Are For More Than Just Practice

Primary teeth (better known as baby teeth) exist because of the way children grow and develop over the years. Humans need to eat solid foods

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2 Reasons You Might Need A Nighttime Oral Appliance

When you sleep, you don’t just lie in place like a dead body. You move around to avoid bedsores, you switch between different sleep cycles

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Remember That You’re An Example To Your Kids

It can be unfortunately common for adults to not get the kind of dental care they need. Everyone should visit a family dentist on Long

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Healthy Gums Are Important For Healthy Teeth

Your gums play an important role in keeping your teeth where they need to be. The soft pink tissue of your gums surrounds and holds

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Why Do Wisdom Teeth Need To Come Out?

Our bodies are a work in progress. For instance, many people could safely remove their little toe without having any effect on walking or balance.

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Answering Your Questions About Modern Dental Implants

Over the last decade, dental implants have gradually become a more popular option among those who are seeking a brighter, healthier smile. By offering advantages

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