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Snap on Smile Teeth Replacement

Smile More for Less!

Not everyone who would like a better smile is a candidate for dentures. Some people have missing, damaged or discolored teeth they feel are ruining their smile. However, they may not be able to afford whitening treatments, veneers, braces or other expensive operations that work to make them right. Fortunately, there’s an affordable option that can put someone’s smile right without being invasive or costing an arm and a leg. Snap on Smile teeth replacement can change any smile immediately.

Snap on Smile Teeth Replacement

As the name suggests, Snap on Smile teeth replacement is a smile you can instantly attach to your teeth. It’s made from a proprietary formula that includes dental resin. This makes for a smile that is strong, yet thin and lightweight.

Those interested in snap on smile teeth replacement should contact their dentist first. They’ll need to take a mold of your teeth for the smile to be constructed from. You’ll also have to pick out the style of smile you want as well as the shade your teeth will be.

After this initial appointment, your choices and impressions will be sent to Snap on Smile for processing. In roughly three weeks, you’ll return to your dentist for a final fitting. As soon as that’s complete, you’ll leave the office with your brand new smile to show off.

That’s literally all it takes. There is no drilling or shots and your current teeth stay right where they are.

You will probably go through a bit of a transition as you learn how to talk with them in. However, most wearers are able to speak naturally with their Snap on Smile in after about two weeks. The key is to wear the teeth all day right off the bat so you become accustomed to speaking with it.

Just like with the real thing, your Snap on Smile Teeth Replacement will need to be cleaned regularly. You won’t brush them with toothpaste though, but instead use the cleaning kit that comes with it and follow the instructions. Your Snap on Smile can stain, just like real teeth, although not easily. Cleaning them regularly will keep your teeth looking as good as new.

While wearing your Snap on Smile, you should feel free to eat most foods and drink most liquids. However, you should stay away from gum or sticky foods that may pull at your new teeth.

If you want a winning smile, but are afraid you can’t afford it, think again. With Snap on Smile Teeth Replacement, your ideal smile is just three weeks away

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