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Snap on Partial Dentures with Implants

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No matter what your specific needs are, there’s a type of denture out there that will fit it, leaving you with a smile to be proud of. One of the most popular varieties of dentures are those that cover only certain parts of the mouth. They are perfect for patients who still have the majority of their teeth and just need a solution for two, three or even four that they’re missing.

Snap on Partial Dentures with Implants

The basic form of a partial denture starts with a palate that will sit flush to the roof of the patient’s mouth. Then, artificial teeth are attached to it where necessary to fill in the blanks where they are missing teeth. Often these artificial teeth are also instrumental in stabilizing the real ones.

In order to keep partial dentures in the patient’s mouth, metal clasps sit at either end and wrap around permanent teeth. These clasps can be colored to match the wearer’s gum or teeth so that no one is the wiser. The palate can also be similarly colored or left translucent to allow the wearer’s natural tissue color to show through.

However, there can often be a couple drawbacks to this traditional design. The first is that metal clasps may be uncomfortable, whether they match the wearer’s mouth or not. The other drawback is that sometimes clasps simply aren’t an option. If the patient is missing a number of teeth in the front of their mouth or the ones left simply lack the necessary structural integrity, clasps won’t work to keep partial dentures at bay.

Fortunately, there’s another option besides going without or doing a mass extraction to make way for a full denture. Patients can also elect to be fitted with snap on partial dentures with implants.

These dentures combine two very popular versions to give the wearer the best of both worlds. First, the partial dentures work as they normally do. A mold is taken and the necessary teeth attached. However, instead of using clasps, implants are drilled into the jawbone through the gums. These implants then provide an apparatus for the dentures to attach to. Best of all, they can simply be snapped in and snapped back out. Without clasps, they’re practically impossible to detect as well.

So no matter what your mouth looks like, you’re guaranteed there is a denture out there meant for you. Snap on partial dentures combine two winning formulas to ensure everyone can have an equally winning smile.

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