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Screw Retained Permanent Dentures with Implants

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Although there are more dentures to choose from than ever before, that doesn’t mean they’re all of equal quality. Some are clearly better alternatives to the rest and when it comes to dentures, that difference can mean a lot. For this reason, many wearers opt for screw retained permanent dentures with implants to get the perfect mix of comfort, security and appearance.

Screw Retained Permanent Dentures with Implants

Permanent dentures are fairly self-explanatory. In contrast to the temporary kind, once you put permanent dentures in, they’re meant to stay there for the foreseeable future, though they can be removed at any time.

For the most part, those who wish to wear permanent dentures need to have healthy jawbones to support them. That’s because they are installed with metal implants.

Temporary dentures go on top of the gums and are generally held in place by a special adhesive. This can take the form of a paste or strip. However, even adhesives specially made for gum tissue can only do so much. When the wearer begins talking, laughing, eating, etc. the movement can easily pop the dentures loose, especially after they’ve been worn for a prolonged period of time.

As we said, however, permanent gestures rely on surgical means to keep them in place. In the case of screw retained permanent dentures with implants, the implants are screws, obviously. They’re inserted straight into the mandible where they will remain. Even when the dentures aren’t being worn, the implants will stay in the mouth permanently.

To begin wearing them, the dentures are simply snapped in place and attached to the screws. As they are custom made, the screw retained permanent dentures with implants will sit flush against the gums nice and snug. No amount of chewing, talking or laughing will create any space where food can sneak in or they could otherwise fall out.

The benefits of wearing screw retained permanent dentures with implants are fairly obvious. Mainly, they stay in. However, the psychological benefits cannot be undervalued. Wearers can carry on naturally without having to worry about their dentures becoming an issue or a lack of adhesive giving them away. Furthermore, there’s no rubbing sensation which wearers of temporary dentures sometimes have to feel and put up with.

Overall, permanent dentures with implants provide a better quality of life for the wearer. When they’re held in via a screw implants, there’s no way they’re slipping, sliding or otherwise coming out.

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