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One Tooth-Multiple Teeth Partial Dentures

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Not everyone who needs dentures requires a full row, top and bottom. Many people simply lose a tooth or two. This is often the case with accidents or something like periodontal disease, when it’s treated after the initial damage. While it’s true that sometimes teeth are extracted for the sole purpose of making it easier to install a full denture, this is far from standard. So if you’re missing a couple teeth or will have some removed in the near future, partial dentures are an option to consider.

One Tooth Multiple Teeth Partial Dentures

Generally partial dentures function much like the complete version when done in a temporary mold. So if you’ve ever seen temporary dentures, you recognize the pink, acrylic base that forms the palette (the lower one obviously doesn’t have this part) and the artificial teeth that are then attached.

Partial dentures often have that same center piece, only with just the teeth attached where necessary. Then some type of framework or metal clasps is used to anchor the entire apparatus to a couple of permanent teeth in the mouth.

That’s just one option though. Another choice for those who need partial dentures is crowns. These installations attach to permanent teeth in order to hold an artificial one between them. Numerous crowns can be installed in one mouth to make up as many missing teeth as necessary.

Another option that exists combines the two. You can have a crown apparatus put in your mouth and then a partial denture attached to it. This allows the wearer to remove that denture as they like, should they need to address hygienic issues.

In any case, the benefits of partial dentures go beyond simply aesthetic ones. These false teeth also help others from closing in and creating problems or otherwise losing their current position. Plus, partial dentures are great for helping people speak like they used to, chew food without issue and basically handle normal functioning of their mouths.

Depending on your mouth’s specific needs, it could take between three to six weeks in order to have your dentures made. Usually, it will begin with a consultation, though a mold could be taken on the first day. Often a second one will need to be done at a later appointment to ensure the denture is being made properly. Your dentist needs to be certain that your new teeth and false teeth will function together without issue.

So if you’re missing a tooth or two, partial dentures are a solution. There are enough options to address the teeth you’re missing as well as any of your own concerns regarding comfort.

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