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Mini Implant Supported Dentures

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Mini implant supported dentures are another example of just how far technology has come in its ability to work with people who have lost their teeth and suffer from poor oral health. This new innovation gives hope to a whole new collection of people who otherwise would have been stuck using temporary dentures and hoping for the best.

Mini Implant Supported Dentures

The best type of denture on the market is the permanent version. These aren’t permanent in the literal sense of the word, but they might as well be. When permanent dentures are in, they can stay there for as long as the wearer would like, barring hygienic concerns.

Permanent dentures look like the traditional kind in that they cover the entire gum and provide artificial teeth. However, the wearer’s gums are actually outfitted with surgical implants that attach right into the jawbone. The exposed part of the implant and the inside of the dentures both have mechanism that allow them to attach to one another when the wearer puts their teeth in. Once attached, there’s just no moving them. These dentures will sit flush against the gum, disallowing any food particles from getting in, but letting the wearer chew all the same, talk like they used to, laugh without a care, etc.

Unfortunately, not everyone has been able to benefit from this technology. In order to install metal implants, the wearer needs enough jawbone to complete the process. However, many people lose their teeth to reasons that also corrupt their jawbone.

This usually meant those patients were left with no other option but to wear temporary dentures. These versions aren’t the best option in the first place. When you combine them with a thin jaw, though, they can often be downright useless.

Thanks to mini implant supported dentures, though, people who have dealt with damage to their jaw don’t have to go without teeth. These smaller implants can make do with less jaw, meaning they can be inserted and used to anchor dentures just as well as the larger kind. Best of all, these mini implants can usually be installed with just one visit. So someone can go from struggling with temporary dentures to all of a sudden have the best available option on the market.

So if you’ve been told you’ll need to live with the shifting and sliding of temporary dentures because your jawbone is too insignificant, help is on the way. Mini implant supported dentures will give you relief with just a single visit.

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