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Implant Supported Over Dentures

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These days there are countless options for those who need dentures. So although the more conventional choices may still work for many, there’s no reason to limit your choices if you’re not happy with the results. Implant supported over dentures are a good example of ingenuity updating an old model to make them more preferable to a wider group of people.

Implant Supported Over Dentures

Most people who turn to implant supported over dentures either had experience with other types or would have been considered candidates for them had a dental professional not stepped in. These two other types of dentures are complete dentures or removable partial dentures.

Compared to those two popular types, implant supported over dentures don’t suffer from bone reposition as much, and either reduce or completely eliminate prosthesis movement. That’s not all though. Most would consider their overall look more realistic and appealing. Part of this is because implant supported over dentures can provide better tooth position. Lastly, one issue people often have with their dentures is with occlusion. A lot of times, dentures fit fine until they need to come in contact with teeth on the other jaw. This feature, known as occlusion, is considered especially good with implant supported over dentures.

For all these reasons, most wearers report significant benefits by wearing implant supported over dentures. Overall phonetics improve, as well as psychological health (an often under looked, but important, feature of wearing dentures) and thus their quality of life.

Over dentures are nothing new to the industry. They’re simply complete dentures that go over a bare jaw. So either the patient has lost all their teeth or the remaining ones have been removed to make way for the dentures. However, these over dentures are generally the type you remove. This means they need to be held in with paste, glue, strips or some other form of adhesive. Unfortunately, even with the most modern of options, these don’t always hold up. Wearers often have to deal with clicking while they speak, as well as food getting in between the jaw and dentures and other issues.

With implant supported over dentures, this problem is completely done away with. Surgical implants are loaded right into the wearer’s mandible. These metal implants then connect with the over dentures, holding them flush to the skin when worn. Although they’re easily removed, once they’re in, no amount of yawning, chewing, talking, etc is going to separate them from the jawbone.

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