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Gum and Tooth Colored Clasps

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No one wants to go through life with a self-conscious smile because they’re missing teeth. Fortunately, these days, it’s easier than ever to fix this problem once and for all. With a wide array of options, people can find the perfect dentures to fit their mouth and give them confidence back in their smile.

Gum and Tooth Colored Clasps

One of the most popular forms of dentures are simply called “partial dentures.” As the name suggests, this variety covers up parts of the mouth, but leaves others free where teeth are still situated. This is perfect for those who still have the majority of their real teeth left with just a problem area or two they need help with.

An important feature of most partial dentures is the clasps. These are tiny metal wires that keep the dentures in your mouth by comfortably wrapping around permanent teeth. Once they’re on, these clasps hold them firmly in place, though they also allow dentures to be removed with ease.

However, some people prefer an alternative to the typical metal clasps. That’s because these clasps can sometimes give the dentures away if your smile makes it plain to see that you’re wearing metal in your mouth. No matter how real the teeth look, this will generally tip people off.

Fortunately, there are gum and tooth colored clasps you can choose from as well. They work just as well as the traditional version for holding the dentures in your mouth, but they’re far less detectable. If you find that the clasps wrap around and line up with your teeth, you can pick a color that will allow them to blend right in. Likewise, your clasps may sit down by the gum line, in which case gum colored clasps will make it impossible to detect them.

Gum and tooth colored clasps can come made out of a number of different materials. One of the more popular varieties is acetal resin. This resin is the perfect combination of tensile strength and abrasion-resistance. Of course, it’s also non-allergenic and non-toxic, so there are no issues with you keeping it in your mouth for long periods of time. With the resin, you don’t need to replace your current clasps at all. It can simply be applied to the current metal to cover up and hide its metallic appearance.

So if you’re afraid of moving past paste and glue because you’re afraid metal will give you, you’re in luck. Partial dentures can remain hidden thanks to gum and tooth colored clasps.

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