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Bar Supported Overdentures with Implants

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Although there are more options for denture-wearers than ever before, some are simply in a class all their own. By and large, this refers to those that attach to the wearer via implants. One very popular variety is known as bar supported overdentures with implants.

Bar Supported Overdentures with Implants

Overdentures pretty much work exactly as they sound. These false teeth are inserted on top of the jaw where teeth are missing. Therefore, they replace an entire row all at once.

Traditionally, a number of different adhesives were used to keep these dentures in place. Sometimes this meant pastes or glues, other people would use strips that ran the length of the denture.

Unfortunately, these could often cause problems for the wearers. As you can imagine, it’s difficult gluing acrylic to gum tissue. So the dentures would often slip and move while being worn. If the wearer wasn’t careful, they could come out. When eating, food could get trapped underneath, causing all kinds of issues.

With implants, these problems disappear. A dental professional actually implants small pieces of metal into your mandible through the gums. Dentures are then attached to this metal when being worn. Unlike with adhesives, there’s no way those dentures are going to get free. Fortunately, when you’re done wearing them, they easily release.

There are generally two types of overdentures with implants. One fastens in with a ball and joint. The other uses a bar. Both are incredibly popular for their effectiveness and comfort.

With bar supported overdentures with implants, the metal is inserted at the front of the mandible, generally in four spots (this will depend on the person’s mouth). Then these metal implants have a bar attached to them that run along the inside of the jaw. The dentures have clasps opposite the teeth so that, when you want to wear them, they simply clip into the bar.

No one is the wiser because the entire apparatus is shielded from view. No one can see the metal bar because it is on the inside of the mouth. The metal implants are covered by the dentures and the clasps are covered by the inside of the jaw.

Furthermore, the wearer never lets on because they stay in place so well. That means there are no awkward maneuvers on the part of the wearer to ensure they stay in or keep food out. The psychological effects bar supported overdentures with implants can have on the wearer are worth it in their own right.

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