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Acrylic Partials

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When you’re missing a number of teeth, it can be awkward or even uncomfortable trying to smile. However, thanks to acrylic partials, your smile can be complete again and you can feel free to unleash a toothy grin whenever you like.

Acrylic Partials

Partial dentures, sometimes called “flippers”, are created by pouring acrylic plastic over a mold custom-made for the patient’s mouth. Generally, this material is pink, though many request clear versions.

Wherever a space exists in the patient’s smile, artificial teeth are attached to the plastic base. This way, when the acrylic portion is worn flush against the roof of their mouth, these teeth insert themselves perfectly into the patient’s smile. However, it’s also done to help keep the permanent teeth from slipping in their spot or otherwise moving around and becoming loose.

The main advantage to using acrylic for your partials is that it’s the most affordable material available for making dentures. As many people wear acrylic partials as a temporary solution before getting implants or a bridge put in, they can be easily thrown away when no longer needed without major costs going to waste.

Another advantage to choosing acrylic partials is that more teeth can always be added in. Sometimes these dentures are a temporary solution because a patient plans to have more teeth taken out in the future. When that happens, acrylic partials can simply be altered to include the necessary teeth without having to make all new dentures.

When making acrylic partials, professionals need to be careful not to begin the process too soon after an extraction is completed. Obviously, it’s understandable that a patient would like their dentures made immediately so they can get on with their life. However, the issue that occurs is that the mouth is often swollen when the mold is made so it never quite fits properly. As a result, the dentures can fall out or flop around and food can easily find its way in between.

Acrylic also tends to be quite brittle, so a lot of care must be taken when they are removed and left anywhere. So long as they fit well, their fragility won’t be a problem when being worn. However, as in the above example, if they fit funny on one side or another, unequal pressure can eventually crack them while they’re in your mouth.

Overall, acrylic partials are still, by far, the best option for temporary partials or simply getting the dentures you need at a discount.

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