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Denture Relines

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How Denture Repair Works

At all times denture repair needs to be carried out by a trained specialist who knows what they are doing. In the case of relining or rebasing a denture, the prosthodontist or dentist will refit the existing denture base where possible. They will also reuse the teeth.

Dentures should be used for a maximum of 5 to 7 years to ensure that they are working effectively. You will have to come back to the dentist for follow up appointments to check that everything is functioning correctly and to carry out needed adjustments.

Attempting to repair the dentures yourself by bending the metal can weaken the metal structure and render it useless. There is also a danger in do it yourself kits because they can permanently damage your dentures. This is why you should always go to an expert regarding your denture repairs.

Denture Relines – An Unfortunate Necessity Made Easy

Before you join the ever increasing number of us who actually have dentures you probably think that they are a one time deal. A sort of fit and forget type of operation. Unfortunately nothing could be further from the truth and denture relines is one of the reasons why you need to be using the services of a good dentist.

Although teeth are obviously very hard the gum area which supports them and ultimately ends up being the thing that supports your dentures is a lot more of a fluid sort of area. Gradually it can move and reshape itself over time.

When this happens, what were perfectly fitting dentures one year can literally be a ‘pain in the neck’ the next year. Where they don’t quite sit true against your gums this leads to build ups of pressure on certain isolated spots which can lead to irritation.

When this situation arises you have a couple of options for your denture relines, both of which obviously are going to incur the costs of new teeth.

This first is having the work done in the dentist’s chair which usually means that what you are having made in situ is described as a ‘soft reline’.

The other sort of denture relines is where the measurements of your underlying moth shape are taken with a cast, just like when your first set were made, and then sent off to a dental laboratory to be fabricated. This is described as a ‘hard reline’.

There are various pros and cons to both methods but it is generally accepted that the set of dentures produced in the lab with the hard reline method will lead to a set of teeth that will last longer in use.

It probably doesn’t make a vast amount of difference in how the new dentures are made, rather that a good job is made of ensuring they are a comfortable fit.

Visit Shine Dental Associates’ Onsite Denture Lab

Shine Dental Associates’ on-site denture lab allows us to provide patients with same-day repairs, relines and fabrication of new dentures.

Our fast turnaround times ensure that you are never without your teeth – most cases are returned within just a few hours! We stock hundreds of sizes and shades in our lab to make sure that each patient receives the most accurate and natural-looking results as quickly as possible. Our expert lab technicians always provide the perfect size and color for your individual smile!

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