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receding gumsReceding gums can be unappealing and lead to sensitive teeth.

However, periodontists are able to provide a professional solution to make sure this condition is treated head-on and is fixed properly.

Here is a look at what a periodontist can do for their patients.

Types of Recession

Minor Gum Recession
This refers to a slight appearance of receded gums where the size of the pockets is larger than normal.

Advanced Recession
This refers to a more exaggerated and noticeable recession where the pockets are aggressively sized and hamper one’s smile


In general, the treatment is going to vary based on the specific type of recession and this will be noted by the periodontist. With minor gum recession, the goal is to focus on personalized deep cleaning (root scaling/planing) where the size of the pockets in your gums is reduced. However, with advanced gum recession, the idea is to move forward with a proper dental surgery (gum grafting) to bring the smile back to normal.

The surgery is going to require the removal of a small piece of soft tissue and have it placed in the area where gum tissue is lacking. This is done at the periodontist’s discretion as they make take the tissue from anywhere in the oral cavity. During this procedure, the periodontist will make use of a local anesthetic to keep the process as calming as possible.

With bone loss, the periodontist is going to assess the recession and start to focus on the use of supplemental options for your procedure. This means adding foundational solutions around the area.

Periodontal Disease

It’s important to note periodontal disease is one of the biggest reasons for gum recession. This is why it’s best to focus on this issue before moving forward with a surgical procedure. Otherwise, the problem is only going to get worse and the surgery will fail.

Please note, there are other reasons for this as well such as the way you brush (aggressively) or your genes.


After the surgery has been completed, it is going to take a little while for everything to get back to normal. This is why healing the right way is just as important as any other step. Do not smoke and/or irritate the area.

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