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Do Swollen Gums Lead To Tooth Loss?

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swollen gumsAnyone who suffers from swollen gums wants to end the pain as soon as they can. If you suffer from them, you might wonder if this condition can cause further problems. You may wonder if swollen gums can cause tooth loss.

The answer is that it can lead to loss of teeth because gums hold the teeth in place. When the gums swell, they enlarge and push the teeth apart from each other. As the swelling goes down, gums recent and this can make the teeth come loose and possibly fall out of their sockets.

If swollen gums or other gum problems are treated right away there should be no concern for tooth loss. If the gums are not treated the and the gums remain swollen the problem gets worse. It can become gum disease. This can cause infections and lead to tooth loss.

Practicing good oral hygiene is so important to avoiding health issues like swollen gums or full-blown gum disease. The teeth must be brushed and flossed a few times a day. You should also rinse your mouth with water after you eat so you can get rid of any loose bits of food. This keeps them from decaying in between teeth and causing swelling in the gums which can lead to an infection.

Plaque, the sticky film on teeth contains bacteria. Bacteria grow when plaque spreads. Any plaque that is not removed often reaches in the gum line and causes swelling or infection.

Essential oils like almond, peppermint or spearmint have been known to improve oral health and promote healthy gums.

Although there are several things you can do on your own to help take care of your gums it is essential that you seek the help of a periodontist who can evaluate your periodontal condition and prescribe the best non-surgical or surgical options.

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