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Why Periodontal Maintenance Is So Important

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Periodontal Services Keep Your Teeth Healthier Now And LaterPeriodontal maintenance prevents long-term damage and ensures that your gums stay healthy. The bacteria found inside of plaque is what causes gum disease. The toxins that these bacteria produce can cause your body to destroy bone that supports your teeth. When plaque isn’t eliminated, it may harden and tartar (calculus) may form and this can exacerbate any existing periodontal issues.

Even somebody who is committed to good oral hygiene won’t be able to completely prevent all calculus being formed on the teeth. Tarter forms whenever the minerals within the saliva calcify, or harden, the plaque on your teeth. Plaque is sticky and soft, and continues to form. Therefore, it is very important that through and proper flossing and brushing is done daily to get rid of the plaque before it can solidify into tartar.

Brushing and flossing helps to minimize the formation of calculus, but regular maintenance is necessary to professionally remove whatever has accumulated. When you are having your maintenance done, the periodontal pocket depths in your mouth will be recorded and evaluated by the hygienist for any hidden periodontal issues.

How Frequently Should I Schedule Maintenance Visits?

Ask your periodontist how often he or she recommends that you have your periodontal maintenance visits. How frequent you need to have your appointments will be determined by the kind of periodontal disease that you have, the kind of periodontal treatment that you had previously, how well you responded to the treatments, and how fast plaque accumulates. However, the most important factor, is how committed you are to performing good hygiene from home.

If you have questions about gum treatment, please call us at Shine Dental Associates to get your free consultation scheduled with Dr. Vitas Mittle, our board certified periodontist. After thoroughly examining your oral health and gums, he will guide you through a very detailed plan on how you can reverse or prevent your gum disease.

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