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Understanding Periodontal DiseasesHere at Shine Dental Associates, we provide a range of surgical services to treat periodontal issues. We are proud of the fact that we are conservative when it comes to the treatments we recommend. We are also proud that we only resort to surgery when it is necessary.

In the early stages of the disease, non-surgical therapy is usually the best option to treat it. Even in cases that are severe, non-surgical therapy is often the better choice. Non-surgical periodontal therapy’s goal is to improve the quality of the tissue before surgery, and to limit the areas that require surgery.

The first step is to remove tartar and plaque that is below the gum line, as well as plaque and tartar within the pockets. This is a manual procedure. Sometimes it can take two visits to complete the procedure, but you will be under anesthesia.

Most patients respond very well to the cleaning process and aggressive treatment might not be required afterwards. Even when the patient has a severe case of the disease. Non-surgical periodontal therapy can be used to increase gum health and to stabilize the disease. This has been shown to reduce the amount of surgery required, and it has shown to help the tissue respond to surgery in a better way.

Other strategies may be used by Dr. Vikas Mittle, who is a board certified periodontist. These strategies may use used at the same time you receive other treatments. He may also provide you with antibiotics, which will help your immune system fight off infection within the tissues of your gums.

Furthermore, chemotherapeutic may be introduced to the pockets. The doctor feels that each treatment that is used should only be used if it will likely work. In other words, proven treatments for your specific situation will be used in the process.

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