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What Is A Gingivectomy Procedure?

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gingivitis leads to periodontal diseaseGingivectomy is the process of removing diseased or excess gum tissue. Usually a gingivectomy is performed whenever a patient has severe gum or periodontal disease that hasn’t responded satisfactorily to root planing, scaling or other types of periodontal procedures.

Typically a doctor performs this procedure. It is very important for your overall health to treat gum disease effectively and keep it under control.

A gingivectomy is performed in order to reshape and remove diseased, loose gum tissue, as well as to reduce how deep the pockets are between the gums and teeth.

The procedure may also be necessary whenever gum tissue becomes overgrown which may be the result of rapid orthodontic movement, hypertensive medications, anti-seizure, or certain health conditions.

The Procedure

Before starting the procedure, the doctor will use a local anesthetic to numb the area. Next small incisions are made and any excess tissue is removed carefully. After all diseased tissue areas are removed, the gums are covered with a putty like substance. The substance protects the gums while they are healing.

After The Procedure

It is very important after the procedure to drink only slightly warm or cool liquids and only soft foods while the gums are healing and the putty is still in place. It is critical that your mouth is kept clean following the procedure, particularly when you are suffering from gum disease. Although it is important that you not brush within the area where the procedure was performed, and then for a brief amount of time after the gingivectomy procedure, it might still be possible to floss and brush the other parts of your mouth. Your gums will completely heal within a few weeks and then you can go back to brushing and flossing after your doctor recommends it, although initially it should be done very gently.

If your gum disease persists after getting conventional therapy, then a gingivectomy might be recommended by your doctor. Give us a call today to get your consultation scheduled.

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