Laser Dentistry

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Shine Dental Associates of the North Shore uses the latest and most advanced technology in dentistry.

Laser dentistry is becoming extremely popular especially because of the reduction in noise and discomfort associated from drills. Lasers can be used for multiple purposes including restorative fillings, crown and bridges and periodontal treatment.

Advantages of lasers include but not limited to minimal bleeding, less swelling and discomfort, increase bleaching effects and faster time of treatment. There are many different types of lasers and each are beneficial for specific type of dental treatment. Many patients prefer laser dental treatment compared to traditional dentistry due to noise reduction and less discomfort.

We are proud to offer the latest and most technologically-advanced treatments available for both children and adults.

Laser technology also allows your dentist to perform several procedures during a single appointment, so you can achieve a healthier smile in one short visit.

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