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Laser Dentistry

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Are you thinking about getting dental laser treatment? At Shine Dental Group on the North Shore of Long Island, we are proud to offer the latest and most technologically-advanced laser treatment available for children and adults.

Dentists and periodontists use lasers for a multitude of procedures. It’s less painful and has minimal discomfort. This dentistry technique has become very popular in recent years because of the noise and discomfort associated with drills. If the drilling sound at a dentist’s office makes you nervous, then dental laser treatment might be for you.

Lasers can are employed for multiple purposes, including restorative fillings, crowns, bridges, and periodontal treatment. It is simply  an acronym for “Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation.” The laser emits light energy in a narrow, concentrated beam during a procedure. This focused beam produces a reaction, allowing for the precise removal of tissue.

Advantages of lasers include but are not limited to; minimal bleeding, less swelling and discomfort, and quicker procedure times. There are many different types of lasers, each beneficial for the specific type of dental treatment.

This technology also allows our dentists to perform several procedures during a single appointment so that you can achieve a healthier smile in one short visit.

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