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Fixing Gaps Between Teeth

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Improve The Aesthetic Value And Health Of Your Teeth With Cosmetic DentistryDo you have a gap between your teeth? Is it the way your teeth naturally came in or is it due to a lost tooth from trauma or decay?

Individuals can have gaps in their teeth for all kinds of reasons, but one thing is certain, most people do not like the gap, and they want it closed.

Here at Shine Dental, we offer dental services to do just that, close the gaps in your teeth! The following lists the different ways we can fix the gaps between your teeth to get you that beautiful smile you deserve!


Crowns and bridges are one way to fix the gaps between your teeth. A dental crown is a type of cap or shell that fits over your tooth. Usually, a crown is used when your tooth is damaged or cracked, and the dentist is afraid it will fall apart into pieces. The original tooth is shaved down, which causes gaps on both sides of the tooth. A crown is then placed over the tooth to keep it intact as well as eliminating any gaps in your teeth from where the crown was placed.

A dental bridge is a way to “bridge” the gap between multiple missing teeth. It is a non-removable (fixed) piece with two or more teeth that fit in between your surrounding teeth. If you are missing your two front teeth, a bridge can be sculpted of porcelain to look like your original front teeth. It is then bonded into your jaw by the dentist to cover the gaps in your upper teeth from where your front teeth were missing.

Make sure to speak with our trained dentist and staff and let them review all the options with you regarding our dental services, including the many choices to correct the gaps in your teeth with crowns and bridges.


One way to correct natural gaps in teeth is to place metal braces on your teeth. Braces work by applying pressure to teeth to slowly move them together over time. The braces would be placed for a certain amount of time deemed necessary by your dentist here at Shine Dental. You would go in frequently to have the wires on the braces tightened to close the gaps in your teeth.

While waiting both before and after your dental appointment, you can lounge in comfort in our modern rooms that are equipped with both flat-screen televisions as well as wi-fi for your enjoyment.

Tooth Colored Fillings

If you have a large cavity in one or multiple teeth, it used to be that it was filled with a metal mixture filling (amalgam). Now we have tooth colored fillings which act to close gaps in teeth as well. With a metal filling, it looks as though you are missing part of the tooth or that there is a gap present due to the metallic look of the filling. With tooth colored fillings, you will have the cavity filled and sealed, but it will not appear that you have any gaps due to the natural color that was used.

We do have sedation available for family members that are anxious about their appointment to repair the gaps between their teeth. We know that fixing a cavity with a tooth colored filling can cause anxiety, so sedation may be a good option for certain individuals. We will work at your pace to keep you comfortable the entire time, and we will give you the smile you always wanted!

Our professional and skilled team members at Shine Dental are ready to care for you and your entire family. We take most major dental insurance and have interest free financing available, so there is no reason to wait to set up your appointment time.

In as little as two visits, Shine Dental will get you your smile back! We have specialists available, as well as an on-site dental lab so we can handle all of your dental needs right here on premises. Click here to contact us by email or call us at 516-348-8500 for your free consultation with state of the art digital x-rays today!

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