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Snap on Smile

Smile More for Less!

For those who want a better smile, but are not candidates for dentures, teeth whitening treatments, veneers etc., Snap on Smile Teeth Replacement is an affordable, non invasive option.

As the name suggests, this is a smile you can instantly attach to your teeth. It is made from a proprietary formula that includes dental resins, which makes it strong, thin and lightweight.

A mold is made of your mouth, and the style and shade of teeth is chosen. After the mold is made, it will be sent to Snap On Smile for processing. The final fitting is done three weeks after and you will leave the office with your beautiful new smile. There is no drilling or shots involved. You may need to learn how to talk with them in, however, most of our patients are able to speak naturally after about two weeks.

You will have to clean the Snap on Smile regularly with the cleaning kit it comes with. You should feel free to eat most foods and drink most liquids, except for sticky gummy foods.

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