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Immediate Dentures

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immediate denturesImmediate dentures are ones you receive right away, the same day you lose your teeth. These dentures can go a long way toward improving oral health. They stem the bleeding, and they reduce the change of infection. They can also reduce swelling that occurs after you lose your teeth.

Another benefit is that the wearer doesn’t have to walk around with a smile fill of holes and can continue talking and chewing like they have in the past.

A mold is taken of the entire mouth, regardless of which teeth are missing. This is done so that the bite will line up correctly. After the mold is taken, the dentist will select your new teeth. After they are installed, your denture will be ready.

The dentures need to stay in your mouth for 72 hours. Without them, you’d need bandages to ensure the healing process works. After about 4 to 6 months, you’ll need to make another trip to the dentist because your gums will have gone down in swelling and the dentures won’t fit as well. Other options will be discussed for you in terms of permanent dentures are working with the ones you already have.

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