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Hybrid Dentures

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With most temporary dentures, wearers have to struggle every day to keep them in their mouths. They are usually not very aesthetically pleasing, and they interfere with everyday activities like eating and talking. Fortunately, hybrid dentures can provide a solution for this discomfort.

Hybrid dentures solve this problem by combining the shape of the temporary type with metal implants rather than adhesives. Metal implants are inserted into the jawbone through the patient’s gums and serve as an apparatus for the dentures to attach to. In most cases, these dentures are attached permanently by the dentist and can be removed but only by the professional.

Generally, it takes four implants in order to properly secure these dentures. After proper consultations, they can be installed in just one visit. Healing usually takes another four to six months, at which time the final product will be attached permanently.

Hybrid Dentures never shift around so the wearer appears more natural with them in. Whether they’re eating, laughing or just talking, hybrid dentures give the wearer the comfort and confidence they deserve.

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