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The Difference Between Cosmetic And Aesthetic Dentistry

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The common opinion is that dentistry is dentistry and all procedures are the same. Right? Wrong! Well, not necessarily as there are many different types of dentistry that are offshoots of traditional dentistry. Each of these types serves a particular function and two of these branches include aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry. Many people confuse the two and used the terms interchangeably, but there are differences that make each of these styles unique. It is important that you know these difference to ensure you are seeing the correct dentist for your needs.

What Is An Aesthetic Dentist?

An aesthetic dentist is also known as an implant dentistry specialist. This is because the professional specializes in dental implants.

A dental implant refers to a type of tool implant that can fill the space of a missing tooth. In fact, dental implants in today’s society are so advanced that they appear to be a real tooth making it difficult to distinguish between these and traditional teeth. Many people are discovering dental implants and find that they do not have to live with gaps in their smiles, particularly if they have financing options available.

Aesthetic dentists will take care of tooth implants, but they will also see to dentures, dental crowns, veneers, bridges, and lumineers. In many cases, the aesthetic dentist will perform a ‘smile makeover’ and take all aspects of the smile constructing it to something you did not have in your mouth. It is quite amazing how a dental professional can rebuild everything without a base.

The greatest area of focus, however, for aesthetic dentists is the dental implant. This is because a single dental implant can have a strong impact in a patient’s smile. It will also make a strong impact on the person’s self-confidence and how she or he sees her or himself in the mirror.

What Is A Cosmetic Dentist?

before and afterSimilar to the aesthetic dentist, a cosmetic dentist is able to resolve a wide range of dental problems. The most common problems that a cosmetic dentist faces are broken or cracked teeth. This professional is able to fill the cracks, reshape the teeth, or use veneers to improve the quality of the smile. It is possible for a cosmetic dentist to use implants; however, this is typically when a cosmetic dentist is also an aesthetic dental specialist. If a dentist wants to provide their patients with all services, they may not necessarily want to whiten your teeth and could refer you to have missing teeth implanted.

Overall, a cosmetic dentist offers services that are entirely cosmetic. The cosmetic dentist aims to make the patient’s smile more attractive. When a smile is more attractive, the person is in a healthier situation and several health problems can be prevented. For example, people with healthier smiles are not at risk of gum disease or heart disease because evidence shows that gum disease has a link to cardiac problems.

It does not matter if your teeth or crooked, broken, or highly stained – the cosmetic dentist is able to resolve almost all of these problems. When the issue is fixed, the patient feels a great deal better about themselves and the psychological wellbeing is improved. This is why cosmetic dentists are considered a significant part of the dental industry.

As for treatments like retainers, braces, fillings, and dental crowns, these can be performed by a traditional dentist. The aesthetic or cosmetic dentist is the specialist a general dentist will refer to when a person requires more cosmetic procedures to improve the appearance of their smile. A general dentist will focus on oral hygiene so you do not have to deal with oral health issues, but appearance is cosmetic or aesthetic. You should remember this when trying to find the most suitable dentist.

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